As we draw closer to the Bundy trial in Nevada, The Truth Is Viral will be ramping up our coverage of the persecution of the Bundy family and my dear friend and fellow Marine Peter Thomas Santillii.

To that end, Deb Jordan will be posting regular updates on TTiV’s Facebook page. Deb is a great friend, a stalwart Patriot, and the producer and co-host of The Pete Santilli Show. She is also Pete’s better half.

For my part I intend on bringing particular attention to the serious 1st Amendment issues raised by the arrest of a journalist, namely Pete Santilli, for the “crime” of live streaming the abusive, and downright criminal, behavior of the Bureau of Land Management during the Bundy Ranch Siege in 2014.

I have watched every minute of the video that Pete streamed live from Bunkerville, as well as offline video and audio recording that were was uploaded later. I’ve studied it all intensely, and in no way did Pete Santilli ever encourage any illegal activities at the Bundy Ranch.

The federal government has nothing on Pete and they know it. They dropped all charges against Pete that were related to the peaceful occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon the day before the trial began. Yet they continued to keep him incarcerated, offering no opportunity to post bail.

Murderers get bail.

This is nothing but an attempt by the government to punish Pete for having the audacity to publish information that has exposed the criminality of the BLM in general, and Special Agent in Charge Daniel P. Love in particular. I’m sure the government is also hoping to intimidate other journalists that have the temerity to stand up to, and expose corruption and abuse by, agents and agencies of the federal government

They have obviously underestimated the dogged determination of Teufel Hunden Peter T. Santilli, a United States Marine, to stay the course. The United States government spent millions of dollars training Marines like Pete and me to, “improvise, adapt, and overcome” in situations where we might be outmaneuvered or outgunned; to steal victory from the jaws of defeat.

We intend to see that they get their money’s worth.

All of the political prisoners in Nevada, and those left in Oregon to face their own trials, are in need of your prayers. We’ve already been witnessing judicial miracles, like the NOT GUILTY verdicts in the first Oregon trial, and the recent withdrawal of charges against all Nevada defendants for carrying a gun with intent to impede federal agents. So keep those prayers a’comin’.

If you have the ability, please go and hit the Paypal button on the right side of the page to donate whatever won’t put you out towards expenses that I will incur while I’m in Nevada covering the trial. There is also a snail mail address to which you can mail a donation.

There is no way that I can do this without your help. The political prisoners currently being held in Nevada deserve a fair hearing in the press, and the government needs to be held accountable. With your assistance, I will accomplish both missions.

I’d like to thank everyone in advance for doing what you can. Don’t underestimate your efforts, or wonder if you can make a difference by simply keeping us all in your prayers or sharing our posts including this one.) Your continuing prayers are the most valuable gift you can give, and sharing our posts serves to bring the wider audience that justice demands to our most righteous cause.

The 1st Amendment is, quite literally, at stake in this case. All of us must do what we can to come to its defense.

Welcome aboard Deb. Let’s get this done, and bring our heroes home.

God bless & Semper Fi,